Spinach with Parmesan
Portobello Mushrooms and Ham with Cheddar Cheese
(Fruit of the Day) - $ 10.50

French toast stratta made with buttery croissant
served with pure maple syrup
(Fruit of the Day) - $ 10.00

Quick Fix
Bacon, Egg and American cheese on butter croissant
$ 6.50

Homemade granola with almonds, pecans, and dried cherries served with milk or vanilla yogurt
$ 7.75

Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, red onion,
roasted red peppers and capers on a bagel
(Fruit of the Day) - $ 10.95

Ham, melted cheese and tomato on butter croissant
(Fruit of the Day) - $ 10.75

Egg Benedict
Two poached Eggs with Canadian Bacon over English Muffin topped with Hollandaise Sauce-Scallop Potato
$ 12.95

Two Eggs, Bacon or Sausage, Scallop potato
$ 10.75

.Omelet of the Day - Scallop potato
$ 12.95

Scallop Potato $4.00
Side Fruit of the Day $4.00
Side of Bacon or Sausage $3.50
Side of Smoked Salmon $6.00

Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Lemonade
$ 3.50

Glass of Champagne or Mimosa
$ 6.50

Glass of Prosecco
$ 8.50

Bloody Mary
$ 8.00

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